“Rossiyskaya Gazeta” highlights the need for early diagnosis of oncology
Main medical award of Russia – “Prizvanie”: pictures and video-version of the event.
The creators of the test-systems “Biochip” will be awarded the main medical award of the country
“BIOCHIP” at the International Specialized Exhibition: “Laboratory Diagnostics – 2017”.
Workshop  for cytologysts
All Russian clinics may soon receive the system for accurate diagnosis of cancer.
The newest Russian device instantly diagnoses cancer
Svyatoslav Zinoviev: we have been developing “Biochip” for the rapid diagnosis of cancer for about 6 years
Scientists designed the biochip, which allows you to quickly identify the type and location of the tumor.
System for accurate diagnosis of cancer will get into every polyclinic
Russian doctors have developed a cancer diagnostic test system
A biochip, which is allowing to identify quickly the type and location of the tumor, is created
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