The application of biochip-based test systems takes the malignant tumour diagnosis process to a fundamentally new level and significantly enhances the quality of medical services provided to the Russian population. It is a part of the standard treatment available to patients with cancer.

The materials for the analysis are:

  • Materials obtained by means of fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB);
  • Ascitic/pleural fluid;
  • Post-operative material (before fixation in formaldehyde).

The analysis with the help of a biochip consists of 4 stages:

  1. Before the analysis the researcher must prepare the material according to the developed method getting a cell suspension;
  2. Then the researcher must remove the protective film from the biochip surface, place the materials into each compartment and after it again cover the biochip with the protective film and leave it in a thermostat for 25 minutes;tech-img1
  3. At the final stage the test system must be taken from the thermostat and put into a specialized Reader which digitizes the image of the reaction results.
  4. Then the biochip must be removed from the Reader, stained as an average cytologic sample and again put into the Reader for digitization of the cytologic sample and comparison of the expression and morphology.

Reader – is a hardware and software system which helps evaluate the intensity of the fluorescence reaction on the biochip and to get an image of the sample after a cytologic analysis on the biochip with the function of remote transmission of both images. The Reader is manufactured by RDC Biochip.

Биочип - ридер